Guatemalan 'Solola Mist' Rayon Chenille Scarf

Guatemalan 'Solola Mist' Rayon Chenille Scarf

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Talented weavers from K'amolon K'i K'ojonel create an admirable iridescent effect as they weave this scarf on a traditional backstrap loom. Working with rayon made from bamboo fiber, they weave this scarf in shades of dark and light grey and white.

0.3 lbs
Scarf: 70" L x 8" W
Fringe: 2" L
100% rayon from bamboo
Machine wash separately in cold water
Dry clean or machine wash


Meet the Artist: K'amolon K'i K'ojonel

In the Maya language, K'amolon K'i K'ojonel means "let's get together" and it is the name of an association founded in 1987 with a mission to provide assistance and support to women in Sololá who were left widowed during Guatemala's armed conflict. She specializes in hand woven accessories & apparel.