Our Partners

MiAmo Bijoux is a new Italian brand. They are known for the latest fashion jewelry, but they haven't forgotten the classic items that they propose in a modern key.  Their collection is completely styled in Italy and made in extra Cee countries (as made by many important Italian brands) to be competitive on worldwide market.  If you want gorgeous, you want MiAmo Bijoux! 
Sasa Designs is a handmade lifestyle brand empowering and employing individuals regardless of physical ability or geographic location.
They started their work in 2011 exclusively with Deaf women in Kenya. As their original group's potential has grown, their brand is expanding to work with women and men across the globe who face exceptional physical or geographic challenges in accessing safe, secure and sustainable work.  
Their commitment remains first and foremost to provide long term employment and empowerment to those who face the most extreme of hardships in supporting themselves and their families.  
Sasa Designs offers the most versitile pieces that you can wear dressed up or down!
NOVICA works with artisans around the world. Every purchase supports NOVICA's mission to spread happiness by celebrating exploration, empowering artists, and preserving global culture.  In a world where there are so many mass produced products, with no record of who made them, and under what conditions, NOVICA gives you the choice to say no to sweat shops and child labor, and to vote with your wallet for a happier world.
To date NOVICA has sent over $77.0M to artisans around the world.  
YouPearl Jewelry Inc. is a professional cultured pearl jewelry designer, manufacturer and wholesaler. They specialize in both freshwater and saltwater fine pearl jewelry.  Every piece of their fine cultured Pearl Jewelry is carefully designed by our experienced designers and hand-knotted in their own workshop. They offer beautiful selections of Freshwater & Saltwater pearl Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, and Bracelets. 
As a pearl jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler, YouPearl's  goal is to support business partners worldwide and grow together!
YouPearl jewelry makes you feel like pearls are a girls best friend! 

Ashley Marshall, founder and designer of Azuni London, has always sought his inspiration from his extensive global travels. Beginning his career working as a professional chef in some of London’s top kitchens, such as The Dorchester, The Ivy and La Caprice, he learnt to harness his creative intuition through blending different flavours and ingredients to create the most delicious dishes. It is this 'mix it and shake it' talent that Ashley subsequently applied to designing jewellery, to establish the Azuni Brand back in 1996; a unique approach to design, evoked through each and every Azuni collection over the last twenty years.
Most recently, love for Azuni has spread due to our very own Duchess of Cambridge, who wore Azuni’s Semi- Precious Drop Earrings on a visit to Australia and on many other occasions since. Azuni has additionally long been a stylists favourite, reguarly featuring most notably in Vogue, Elle , Conde Naste ,Tattler,Grazia and Cosmopolitan, amongst others.
The narrative behind each individual collection brings a personal sense of meaning to every wearer, making Azuni Jewellery enchanting for all!
Sai Brazil is unique handmade Brazilian wholesale jewelry, a division of South American Imports. They create works of art in shimmering gold and sparkling semiprecious gemstones.  From the Brazilian mines in Minas Gerais to the studio in the heart of Rio De Janeiro, the artistically cut stones samba with 18k gold plating, sterling silver and rhodium.  The jewelry is truly exquisite! 

Since the beginning in 1949 MMA International's love of crafted jewelry stems from what we’ve learned about the cultural heritage and history that comes with each piece in every collection. 
Thousands of jewelers nationwide turn to MMA International’s Silver Stars Collection for wholesale sterling silver and fashion jewelry. They founded their Silver Stars Collection to offer the premier jewelry lines that keep customers on the cutting edge of trends.

Rossellarama is blurring the line between art and fashion. Each composition tells a unique story and each piece is produced and finished in Italy to the highest standard, offering luxury pieces of exclusive design to art and fashion lovers.
Every print is unique and meticulously designed by Rossella herself in her design studio. Her imagery and concept bring to the surface of silk a luscious engagement of patterns, a magnificent triumph of colors and fantasies, inspired by neo-Pop and Optical Art. The colour-palette of each composition has been carefully selected, ensuring every scarf is easy to wear.
Every item comes with a “Made in Italy”, composition and care label. Rossellarama is a pure expression of luxury, quality and Italian excellence.