'Ancient Rome' Glass Earrings

'Ancient Rome' Glass Earrings

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Wear an entirely unique piece of 2,000-year-old history. The glass in these aqua-hued earrings began life as a vase, jug, or vessel. Uncovered from ancient Roman archaeological sites in modern-day Israel, and sourced from a reputable antique dealer authorized by the Israeli government, each not only bears the marks of its past life as a household or temple object, but also has been transformed by the very earth in which it rested. Each piece of Roman glass is framed by a sterling silver bezel.

0.71 oz
1.5" L x 0.8" W
925 sterling silver, glass
Color(s) may vary slightly
Hook earrings
Matte finish
Made in Israel.

Matching necklace available seperately.

***The National Geographic Collection